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“I had the privilege of seeing “The Power of 2” at the Premiere screening this past Sunday to a selected group of invited guests (approx. 400) at the TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX in Toronto and the group’s response after the screening was amazing. From a personal point of view, I can highly recommend the quality of the editing, sound and especially the contents.………To boot, this is truly a Canadian story, beautifully shot in Ontario, that all our citizens nationwide would feel part of and would be riveted to the storyline.”

John Abel, former Managing Director of United Artist Corporation

“We loved the show!”

Linda Schuyler, Producer of The Degrassi Series & The Next Generation

“Lots of lovely moments loved the transition scenes. Great shooting. The original music was excellent and loved how you switched up the versions of it! Great job working in the pop themes too! Sound and mix was great!  I know because I never gave it a thought for the duration, and that’s rare! The relationship with the people and horses was quite touching.  A smashingly positive statement for dressage!  Mission accomplished!”

Dave Mayle, President, ADD Analogue-Digital Duplications

“A BIG Congratulations for The Power of 2!  Great video, great story, great music! We both really enjoyed it and now have new respect for the art of Dressage.”

Richard St.John, Success Analyst-Author-Speaker –‘8 To Be Great’

“It was a beautiful documentary capturing the essence of dressage horseback riding with amazing photography and people involved speaking about their experiences so that everyone became emotional – some of us shed a tear!

Miriam Kotzer, Vice President of Humbold Properties

“We all horseback ride and we enjoyed it thoroughly – we thought it was a good blend with enough content for those familiar with the industry, and still provided enough explanation and overview for those who aren’t. The documentary did an excellent job of showcasing the hard work and effort that goes into preparing for a moment that is often the pivotal point in an athlete’s career and we would definitely recommend it!”

Kelly O’Keefe, Equestrian

“A wonderful documentary highlighting the drive, dedication, highs, lows and celebration of our Canadian dressage athletes and their equine partners.”

Nadine Koppeser, Equestrian, Sponsor

“The documentary was very cleverly done, and was wonderful on how   it weaved the various personalities; by the end, we felt we knew them all. We both enjoyed it and learned much about the sport.”

Dr. Marvin & Esther Tile, C.M, M.D, B.Sc (Med), FRCSC.

“As a person with neither history nor involvement with either horses or Dressage, my personal reactions to this documentary should be taken as reactions typical of your viewing public. Briefly stated, the Power of 2 beautifully captures the hopes and the dreams which draw a group of ordinary individuals closer and closer to the elusive goal of participating in a world-class event. The characters, embracing not only people, but their horses as well, reached out to emotions which lay somewhere deep inside me. A few lines of type are inadequate to describe the captivating pull of this work.”

Barry Fish, President of Fish & Associates, Lawyer & Author

“We were awed by how meaningful and beautiful it was. It was a great tribute to our sport but also to your dedication, skill and artistic creativity. We know it will inspire our dressage community, but also others who will come to our sport with new interest and commitment.” <

em>Faith Berghuis, Equestrian, Sponsor

“The documentary took the audience of 400 people on a roller coaster of emotions and has everyone who saw it buzzing about it. I am very honoured to be part of the production. Thank you so much for your hard work and perseverance to create and show case this film for Dressage in Canada!

Jaimey Irwin, International Equestrian, Trainer

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